Phalahari or Falahari products are most essential in our indigenous culture. In our Indian society fasting also have an important and special role and the food prepared for fasting are just excellent. The only reason for fasting is gaining the purity of soul, purity of thoughts as in our Indian culture we said " Jaisa khaye Anna Vaisa rahe Mann." We provide best phalahari products in Lucknow to fulfil your phalahar or falahar needs.

AMAKA is determined to provide you pure Phalahari products we have wide range of phalahari product like whole Kuttu, Kuttu daliya, Kuttu atta, Whole dried water chestnut, Water chestnut flour, Sago(sabudana), Peanut,  Ram Dana, Sama rice etc all phalahari product provide to you are packed by maintaining its purity and hygiene as well as of best quality available in the market. 

we offer online best falahari products in Lucknow at your doorstep. Our falahari products are best for Navratri food and other occasions. We deliver singhade ka atta, sabut kuttu, sabudana, makhana, peanuts and other falahari products in Lucknow and rest of India. 

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